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Hailing from rural Northeast Louisiana, Hannah first caught the theatre bug at age four when she attended a week long children's workshop at the local Community Youth Theatre. After the very first day, she ran into her mother's arms, saying, "I want to do that every day," and for the most part, she has. She didn't discover musicals until thirteen, however, but she was immediately smitten with the art form's boisterous energy. How fortuitous, then, that her first musical was Oklahoma! and five years later, she would study at the University of Oklahoma for her BFA in Musical Theatre. There, she learned alongside the finest and kindest new generation of theatre artists.

Before moving to New York City to begin her professional career, Hannah chose to take an extra semester to study abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. She thrived on this fresh adventure as she soaked in the sun at Kelvingrove Park, laughed herself to tears as a grounder in the Globe Theatre, drank green wine on the beach in Portugal, lost herself in Roman ruins, wept before Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and saw the world sprawled out before her from atop an Icelandic glacier. She grew through the experience, and ultimately, it prepared her for a career making theatre for international audiences.


Outside of theatre, Hannah loves all things nerd with her most enduring obsessions being Harry Potter, Marvel superheroes, Greek mythology, and Dungeons and Dragons. She is physically incapable of turning down breakfast food and adores forcing her cat to pose for photos.

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During the pandemic, she has occupied her time expanding and honing her skill sets as a performer while discovering new ways to bring theatre safely to the masses. Most recently, she has put her advanced Shakespeare knowledge to use by re-imaging his Romeo and Juliet through the queer lens, creating a fresh piece while still maintaining his epic, timeless poetry. Now post successful first reading, she takes the next step to bringing Tale of Woe: Juliet and Her Romeo to life. As theatre re-emerges, Hannah is actively searching for representation.  

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